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Delivery pumps


MAI®4SPARK, the high-performance AIRLESS universal pump – ideal for fine filling compounds and pre-mixed coating materials. Save time and money: The expensive and time-consuming maintenance of your AIRLESS pump in special workshops is now a thing of the past. When the pump pressure subsides, the clever feed pump can be restored directly on the construction site by exchanging the maintenance-free spiral pump.

  • Enormous operating range – transport distances up to 80 metres (!)
  • Minimal cleaning work – and few wearing parts
  • High value retention and excellent corrosion protection – stainless steel
  • Extremely quiet and clean – comfortable working environment
  • Conversion kit for grainy materials included
  • Suitable for processing difficult materials

MAI®2 PUMP Taurus

The compact MAI®2PUMP Taurus enables both conveying and combined conveying and injection of already mixed mortars at construction sites.

  • the greatest possible flexibility when changing location
  • from the 1st to the 6th floor
  • from the 6th to the 12th floor, etc
  • generous conveying distances


The perfect feed pump for smaller construction sites offers you first-class quality for your money. Take advantage of what is now MAI’s almost proverbial reliability, its ingeniously simple operation and outstanding workmanship.

  • easy to use and to clean
  • stainless steel guarantees freedom from corrosion
  • robust construction for the toughest uses
  • reliable and low-cost operation
  • modular construction guarantees suitability for all performance ranges


… as it is only necessary to replace two membranes instead of the worm pumps. It takes less than a minute to replace the membrane.

  • capable of UNIVERSAL deployment
  • Pumping and spraying of high-viscosity coatings to low-viscosity dyes
  • a.c. current operation – suitable for practically any socket
  • rapid disassembly of individual components facilitates effortless transport
  • easy to clean
  • peristaltic pump: gentle and efficient transport of materials
  • low wear costs

MAI®2 PUMP Pictor

This compact, single-phase powerhouse is ideally suited to conveying and spraying premixed materials with a grain size of up to 3mm. Thanks to its light weight, the pump can be transported easily and effortlessly. It can be disassembled for cleaning in a few easy steps. The use of MAI®CODUR plastic components in the dosing zone keeps cleaning efforts to a minimum. This modern material also increases service life and stops corrosion before it starts. The precisely adjustable, variable pumping capacity provides an enables perfect spraying results. This compact, lighting current-operated unit is a real powerhouse. At 1.5 kW and with a smoothly adjustable output of 0,6 to 9,5 litres per minutes, working pressures of up to 25 bar and hose lengths of up to 35 m can be achieved.