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Flow mixer/ Mixer


The MAI®2MIX Maia generation of stationary silo mixers with the MAI®CODUR mixing zone with self-cleaning function sets new standards for the processing of dry mortar. A cleverly designed water-injection system ensures excellent mixtures.

  • perfect mixing quality for the highest requirements
  • EASY-CLEAN function
  • high profitability due to use of highly wear-resistant, three-dimensional cross-linked plastics
  • modular construction using the building block system guarantees a broad range of use

MAI®2MIX Maia Mobil

The top of the line among mobile floor mixers, the MAI ®2MIX Maia Mobil stands out through excellent mixture quality and its self-cleaning function. Because it offers two different working heights, this mixer is extremely flexible for a wide range of uses and can even be fitted with an optional water pump.

  • excellent mixture quality which will satisfy the greatest of expectations
  • long service life thanks to the use of three-dimensionally crosslinked plastics
  • modular construction guarantees suitability for all performance ranges

MAI®2MIX Merkur

The MAI®2MIX Merkur combines all the advantages of a universal mixer in the smallest possible space. This enables homogeneous mixing of the most diverse products and maximum mobility at the same time.

MAI®2MIX Hanon

The MAI®2MIX Hanon is a value-for-money universal mixer which takes the place of a drum mixer for mixing practically every type of lime- or cement-based dry premixed mortar.

  • a low cost alternative to a drum mixer
  • processes practically every type of lime- or cement-based dry premixed mortar
  • easy to handle
  • easy to clean – disassembling without any tools thanks to the removable mixing tube


The new MAI®2MIX Lyra sets new standards in dry mortar processing due to its sophisticated water introduction system. It enables homogeneous mixing of the most diverse products with top quality mixing results. It can be dismantled in seconds and cleaned effortlessly thanks to the EASY-CLEAN function.


MAI®2MIX Vela is powerful and efficient. User friendly and solid design ensures safe and convenient handling of the machine.

  • self explanatory and safe use
  • robust pan construction
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • large robust pneumatic tyres
  • self explanatory and safe use